Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

19th Apr, 2019

Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

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Trekking to Everest Base Camp is always an incredible experience that is filled with thrills and adventure. The best season depends on your interest, but if you wonder which season sees the high numbers of tourist then its autumn and spring. Most of the people throughout the world choose these seasons for trekking not only Everest but all the high Himalayan trekking in Nepal.

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Everest Base Camp Trek is the most famous trekking in Nepal Himalayas that offers you rewarding views of world’s highest mountains along with diverse landscapes and cultural heritages. This trek provides you an opportunity to explore eight out of ten highest mountains in the world, Mt. Everest being the highest among all reaching an altitude of 8,848 meters.

In the present era, peoples are living with the burning desire to witness the world’s tallest peak – Mt. Everest, at least once in a lifetime. So, Everest Base Camp Trek is what makes your dream come true. Though it is considered as a challenging task, adventure seekers and nature lovers will love the route to reach the Everest Base Camp.

Sagarmatha National Park is where Mount Everest lies. So, during the EBC Trek you have to pass through Sagarmatha National Park. Here, you will encounter diversity of floras and faunas. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to come across many Himalayan wild mammals like Snow leopard, Himalayan Thar etc. Yak is most common domesticated animals in the higher altitude and you can observe the large caravan of Yaks after reaching higher elevations.

Khumbu Icefalls and Khumbu Glaciers are the main highlights of the region. This is why Everest Region is also known as Khumbu Region. Kalapaththar is another main attraction that lies at an altitude of 5,643 meters and is the highest attitude we will reach during EBC Trekking. This place is well known for the stunning views of sunrise over white Himalayas and also the best Everest view point.

The overwhelming Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Valley is another major attraction of the Everest Region which one can explore during the EBC Trekking or separately Gokyo Valley Trek. Also, the astounding nature can be explored from Gokyo.

Everest Base Camp Trek route is the habitat for many Sherpa Communities who are very well known for their bravery and climbing skills. The first one to successfully reach the Everest summit was also from Sherpa community and he was none other than Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. A trekker will get enough chances to known about the rural lifestyle and unique traditions/cultures of the Sherpa residing in Khumbu Region. The Tengboche Monastery, situated in the heart of Khumbu is one of the thing that tourist loves most to explore. And, being the most popular trekking route, it offers well facilitated hotels and lodges with great hospitality.

Most Loved Trekking Seasons for Everest Base Camp

Though trekking to EBC is possible in any season with proper preparations, people tend to love autumn and spring most. It also greatly depends on your interest and purpose of trekking, because if you want to trek in Khumbu Region for some research purpose of floras and faunas then monsoon also may become ideal season for you, and if you want to go for a solo trek in least crowded season then also monsoon and winter may be best season. But, if walking in a crowded trail with all new faces doesn’t bother you choose autumn and spring.

Below we have mentioned some features and short description of the best seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek. Read it and choose the correct time to travel EBC.


Autumn is the most famous trekking season in Nepal Himalayas that offers the pleasant and warm days. This is also the season of festivals in Nepal. The great festivals of Hindus fall during autumn; this is the most ideal season for the peoples who will to explore the unique traditions and cultures of Nepalese peoples.

This season offers the best views of Mountain Panoramas in a clear sky. This is considered as the most favorable season for all the trekkers throughout the globe.


Spring in Nepal brings overwhelming natural beauties and the climate is equally wonderful during this season. All the trekking trails of Himalayas are filled with blooming Rhododendrons making the forest alluring. Also, many other wild flowers can be seen blooming during the season of spring.

This season also offers the pleasant weather condition that makes your trekking easy and comfortable. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold even in the high Himalayas. Though, the night may get quite cold. Take warm clothes too for nights.


Winter gets extremely cold in the upper Himalayas and most of the parts also sees snowfall and the high passes gets closed during this season. It is very difficult to trek in Everest during monsoon but not impossible. One can complete the trek successfully with the proper preparations.

This season is considered as the best season for those people who love to go for solo trekking. Go for trekking during winter and explore all the astounding natural views alone. You must be well prepared for camping in high Himalayas, because during winter, most of the people migrate to low lands closing their hotels and hotels. You may find some hotels open even in winter but taking sleeping bags and camping materials with you is a best idea.


Continuous rainfall in most of the region occurs during monsoon season, which may disturb your trekking. The flights to Lukla gets delayed or even cancelled due to rain. So you have to manage some extra days to complete your trek successfully.

This season is considered as the best season for researchers, botanists and nature lovers. Though landslides and leeches may create obstacle to your journey, high determination and strong endurance of walking makes your dream to reach EBC come true even in the rainy season.

The three passes trek and Cho LA pass trek gets tougher or even impossible during the rainy and winter seasons because of the high rainfall or snowfall. You should choose spring or autumn season for doing these trekking successfully.

Hence, if you are planning a trek in Everest Region and is a novice trekker then choose either spring or autumn season. Otherwise you can also trek during monsoon and winter. Keep in mind that proper preparations will make your trip complete in any seasons but if you lack the endurance of walking at least 7 hours in uphill trail, you will find this trek too difficult.

If anyone lacks walking endurance in high Himalayas and still wants to explore the world’s highest mountain, choose Everest Base Camp Heli Tour. This is the fastest, easiest and luxurious way to reach Everest Base Camp.

For the people who want some more adventure, we have carefully designed Island Peak Climbing that is a bit more challenging than EBC Trekking and you can experience the awe inspiring views from the Island summit.


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