Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

‘For safe and boundless adventures and leisure cultural Tours’
For various reasons, one should join the one and only Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions. A native company of Nepal established and run by a group of tourism professionals with decades of experience. A great company that one can trust for reliability, smooth and hassle-free holidays in Nepal and around the Himalayas.  
Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions, since the company began its operation 15 years ago, running successful treks and various adventures. As well gaining much appreciation from our past, and present worldwide clients, due to our excellent services and experienced veteran guides. The management of Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions is efficient; providing details and information regarding the trip that we run and organize.  From the first arrival to the final departure, where all guest feels glad, choosing the right company for a perfect holiday. 
Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions All trips are carefully designed so that all types of travelers and age groups can enjoy safe and secure holidays. Where trip costs are affordable, with special priority and reasonable prices for families, school/college groups, and corporate executives. 
The company provides extra care to all our customers with a great safety record to boost the company’s image. For many reasons, Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions stands on top for the quality services and money worth of holiday trips that we offer. All staff and guides are well-trained for all types of purposes and assignments with good knowledge. From flora/fauna, history, religions, and cultures of the region of trekking and tour destinations. The guides are trained in basic First Aid and medical for emergencies and well-versed in eco-trek and responsible tourism. Besides running successful trips and making all clients happy throughout the holiday in Nepal and neighboring countries. Like Bhutan and Tibet, Mountain Eco Treks & Expeditions also run and organize volunteer projects to uplift the standard of rural villages. For all the good and best reasons Mountain Eco Treks & Expedition stands as one of the favorite and reliable adventure companies in Nepal.

  1. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  2. 65% Repeat Customers
  3. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  4. Guaranteed Departures
  5. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  6. Team of Destination Experts
  7. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  8. Competitive Prices
  9. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  10. 95% Success Rate
  11. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  12. Best Customer Service
  13. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.
  14. Experienced Field Staffs
  15. We have over 50 Best Trips for trekking, tours, peak climbing, rafting, adventure sports, etc.

Why Join With Mountain Eco Treks?

Mountain Eco Treks is an adventure company running successfully since it was established decades ago, with positive feedback from our past and present clients. Due to the dedicated and excellent services that we offer in every trekking and other adventure including cultural and scenic tours also.

Why choose and book with us a question that hunts all customers the truth is that we are a professional company with decades of experience in tourism fields and trekking which makes us special than other local trekking agents in Nepal.

Choosing Mountain Eco Treks Where you get the following facilities and services,

01: Reliable and dedicated company with a well-experienced guide and staff with years of excellent services offered to our guests and clients since the company was established.

02: From the booking with the first arrival to the final departure where your requirements and needs will be answered and fulfilled as per your expectations.

03: Safety and security with money worth of holidays providing excellent services in every trip led by experienced expert guides and staff offering you in-depth information on the areas of travel and trekking from flora-fauna, history, culture, religions, and much more.

04: Safe and hygienic meals are provided on treks and tours, while on treks foods with fresh-organic vegetables and fruits keep you well-fed as per meals provided in the menu of local lodges as per season-wise also. Our guides supervise the meals before it is served in many hygienic ways with a variety of foods for you to enjoy each meal on treks and tours.

05: Assuring all our clients with responsible and reliable services from the start of the booking to the end of the trip with us, we make every trip a winner with our excellent services as well as taking care and supporting rural farm villages and schools with funds to uplift the standard, quality of the areas and education of village children. Every rupee we save from each trip goes to fund poor rural villages and needy schools which makes the villagers on the route and trekkers satisfied that some earnings we make also help and support Nepal's rural areas.

"Where adventure meets comfort with safe-secure and enjoyable holidays"

Mountain Eco Treks is one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal, we are an independent adventure team. started by experienced trekking leaders working in reputed national and international agencies. Mountain eco treks were Officially established in 2017. the owner of Mountain Eco Treks (mountain leader) Ram Bahadur Tamang has more than 15 years of trekking experience in both Nepal and Tibet.

Our Commitment,

When you book with us, your unforgettable vacation will be filled with adventure and excitement, keeping you fascinated from the beginning of the trip until the end. Mountain Eco Treks is run and managed by a professional team of staff and guides who have been in the tourism industry for more than a decade, leading treks and climbing throughout the Himalayas. We provide excellent services on every trip, making your trip worth every penny and leaving you completely satisfied with your experience. We create unforgettable experiences for a wide range of travelers, from luxury to budget.

Comfort and Safety,

Mountain Eco Treks is an adventure company different than the hundreds of other local agencies in Nepal. We do not just talk big. What sets us apart from other companies is that we act professionally and go above and beyond to ensure our clients are safe, are getting more than their money’s worth, and are having the adventure of a lifetime. Mountain Eco Treks, with our expert and veteran team of staff, offers you not only an adventure but also a learning experience. On our treks and tours, you will expand your knowledge of local culture, traditions, religions, and customs along with the flora and fauna in the areas of your destinations.

We do more than trekking,

We work on saving the Himalayan environment to its pristine shape with a reforestation team working alongside the local villages, helping and supporting local schools and rural villages, maintaining hygiene and local trails as well as keeping natural resources strong for future generations. We are fully committed to eco-friendly and responsible tourism, keeping things in balance by respecting local culture and the natural environment. When you book and trek with us, you will be pleased and satisfied knowing that you have contributed to the cause of keeping the Himalayan environment healthy.

                                      MOUNTAIN ECO TREKS & EXPEDITIONS (P) LTD


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